Keeping Google’s Gods on your side is not an easy nut to crack. Besides all what you have been reading doing and working to rank your site faster on a search engine – is your website is ideally design to rank more quickly? If you are not sure as death – then surely you will need a custom website design once after you are done reading this article.

So before losing rankings any more – let’s fix it together

Content that Favors Search Engines

You might have a sleek, beautiful website design that is pleasing to eyes – but practically Google does not see your website just as you see it.

The best example MOZ share regarding the Layout of the site we see and Google see is exceptionally different from how we believe

Not because Google is dumb, but because it is not programmed like your mind. Whatever you are placing on to your site in the form of flash files, images and all that non-text content. It will soon get ignored by the search engines crawlers. Since it is programmed to read the content to understand what you have placed on to your site. So until your talk in computing language do not assume computer knows – and most popular computing language is HTML that says to Google what you have put up on your site.

Tip: Get the professional web design team by your side and get the job done with proper code and details at the backend and on on-page.

Keywords Placement in Web Design

Before you fall for any random cool website design, check if the Food (keywords) Google loves most is presented in just the way it wants not just the way you like. To make this all sense visibly here is the picture reference to understand either how your website design needs keywords place in the content.

Many people also believe that content is just the extra expense in online marketing. But for SEO content is the King! The more creative, unique and ideal copy you place in your website content with optimal balance the more Google will understand and clear your site cheche easily.

Tip: Hire a perfect website company that gives you not only affordable packages but also the optimized content for your site. Trust me that is less cheap than hiring a whole new team to write for your biz!

Maintained URLs & Quality Links

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

If you want to know either you are talking to right person for your website design needs, or it is just another compelling scam – you really need to ask one simple question  “will you create the URLs of the site?” if the answer is that they are auto-generated or by default just know that they know nothing about the SEO.

Google basically run crawler and index links after finding them as per the condition it has set to rank your site. Make sure that each page your site contains has the proper targeted keywords. That are required to read during the scanning of your page. The number of quality links you have in your site will balance the quality of your site. Therefore, while your custom website is under development. You can ask your web design team to make it SEO friendly regarding links and images added to the site.