Boost Organic Traffic

Boost Organic Traffic

In the present scenario where everything becomes easily attainable and where people tend to get everything they want from a needle to a plot while sitting at home, or rather to get a plumber or even salon at home is one of the easiest tasks these days. Such comfort people are getting is because of the digital platforms that are present online which provide every possible product and service to people at just one click.

In order to start up a business or a work by creating a website, one should always make sure that the website which is been build up has an attractive content, matter, graphic design and so on but everything would work only when people out there would be able to find your website on a search engine. Thus, to make sure that people would be able to land up on your website while looking up for a better service, one should always use list of enhanced SEO (Search engine optimization) keywords while building up a website.

Keywords and SEO should be organized in such a manner that it would be relevant to the audience. They should be used in such a way that the website would turn out to be attractive and easily attainable as well.

The question that comes in a mind while designing up the keywords for a website is that how to choose RIGHT keywords to boost organic traffic. Choosing an appropriate bunch of SEO keywords should depend on the goal you are seeking. For example. If your goal is to see the result fast, then one should choose lower competition and higher volume keywords. Also one should clear whether he want to seek good quality audience or wants to focus on leading brand.

  • One should not be too specific

 Choosing too specific keywords would create a mess on a searching engine while searching for a specific website. For example. Instead of searching for ‘rings’ one should search for ‘engagement rings’ or ‘wedding rings’.

  • Don’t choose narrow ones

    Instead of using a narrow type of keywords which might create problems. One should twist and turn the keywords and also should go for phrases. For example. If I would want to create a website for ‘weight loss’ and would use weight loss as a keyword. Then people would take a lot of time to reach to my website because if the commonality of the word. Instead of that, I should go for keywords like ‘weight management’, ‘platform to lose weight’ etc.

  • Add only relevant keywords

 One should make sure that the keywords they are using actually is matching with their website content. Don’t use keywords that are out of the list or does not match to the content of a website. This would further confuse the audience.

Keywords are always an essential part of the content. It just not making it easy for the people but it also enhances the matter. Also, keywords used in a content make it mandatory for an audience to open the complete website and have a look on the content. This happens because of the interesting and attractive keywords used which ultimately attract the audience.


Almost every child in the world is fond of pizza, burger, cakes an all those junk food available in the market that attracts children more than vegetables and healthy food does. Children, if given choices to pick between an 8-inch pizza and a bowl full of healthy veggies, without thinking for a second they will choose pizza over healthy eating.

What our child is fond of, entirely depends on parents. In a very early age, parents become the role models for children. They will quickly adopt the habits of their parents and will start liking things what their parents like. Therefore, there is no doubt that healthy eating among children needs to be encouraged. Parent need to know that healthy eating of our child is not just important for his good growth but it is very important for his mind to develop. Our growing children need all the essential vitamins and nutrients for the stable growth of their body and mind.


  • Healthy eating among children need to be encouraged.
  • Vitamins and nutrients
  • Growth of the body

The above data contains a content based on a topic, “How to encourage healthy eating among children”.  The highlighted keywords are clearly being helpful for the reader to get an idea what the content would be about. And it would also help to search more relatable content.

If you are new to this field and not aware of how to do proper keyword research you can hire an SEO Services provider, who can help you to find proper conversion keywords for your website.