We all know how crazy people are for their smartphones and their dependence on them in their daily life. As we know, smartphones bring conveniences for drivers, but the problem arises when they are driving, and also using their smartphone simultaneously which is quite problematic for them and distracts them from driving. To solve this issue Apple launched Apps for Apple CarPlay in 2013, then it became quite popular for Apple smartphone/iPhone users when driving. Apple Carplay gives people a new level of comfort to use their smartphones/iPhones while driving without any distraction.

Now let checkout, what Apple CarPlay is and the benefits which they provide to vehicle owners while using the apps.

What is Apple Carplay?

Apple CarPlay has become quite a necessity among car users, as people love using their phones in their cars. To resolve this issue, Apple has developed in-car experiences for iOS apps. For Apple users, this system is called Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay is an integrated app. Apple CarPlay aims to allow drivers and improve their vehicle safety by improvising their iPhone with car systems, instead of looking at their phones. Drivers can use their smartphones apps through Apple CarPlay. In it, car users simply have to connect their Apple device to their car through USB or Bluetooth to access the CarPlay and experience it.

How Apple CarPlay Work?

Apple Carplay is designed in such a way that drivers can control it through their touch and voices, to help the drivers to use their iPhone without problem i.e, CarPlay is designed to be hands-free.  Apple CarPlay is designed with a car system so that all apps on Apple can be easily accessed through it, like placing phone calls, getting directions, sending and reading messages, listening to music, and many other features.

CarPlay apps main focus is voice interactions, ensuring the drivers that they can use their apps without losing the focus on the road and taking their hands off the car steering. It creates good communication with drivers and never diverts attention with the help of  Apple’s assistant Siri as it is used to perform a range of actions in the car. Apple CarPlay is designed with a similar iOS structure and functions as we have in their iPhone, which allows the CarPlay users experience as they are using their smartphone/iPhone.

What Apps are enabled in Apple CarPlay?

Since Apple launched CarPlay, every auto manufacturer, across the world with their various models, now includes support for Apple CarPlay.

Apps that are enabled in Apple CarPlay are as follows:

  • Navigation and Maps
  • Music and Radio
  • Audiobooks
  • Phone
  • Messaging
  • Virtual Assistants

Apple CarPlay allows users to access their smartphone apps that can be controlled through a car display. This means Apple CarPlay brings an app interface from the smartphone to the vehicle display.

There are some additional app categories like food ordering apps. With the help of Apple Assistant i.e, Siri , we can send audio messages and share your estimated time of arrival with friends and family. 

What are the Advantages of Apple CarPlay in Apps?

Apple CarPlay is a secure way for drivers to use their iPhones while they drive without any distractions. Performing many of the same functions as an iPhone, drivers can use CarPlay to navigate, make calls, send and receive text messages, and listen to music or radio. For example, instead of reading your incoming Messages on the CarPlay display, Siri reads them to you.

The advantages of Apple Carplay in App’s are as follow:

  • In Maps App: Maps within CarPlay lets users get detailed directions to help them with proper navigation. It displays the route, instructions, traffic conditions, and visual cues for upcoming turns. It also includes the time of arrival, an estimate of driving time, and the distance of the destination.
  • In Phone App: Within the Phone app, we ask Siri to dial the calls, return the calls, and listen to voicemails. Instead of typing the numbers on the keypad, we ask Siri to dial an existing contact. A user might say, “Call brother,” for example, to place a phone call over the car’s speaker. 
  • In Messages App:  For sending a message we ask Siri. Messages are dictated through voice assistant, with Siri confirming the message content to ensure that message is written correctly before sending it. When a user receives the reply, we ask Siri if the user wants to listen to the messages and then want to reply to the messages with the entire process based on the voice interaction to prevent users from looking at their iPhones while driving. For example, “Read messages from Elisa,” or “Send a message to wife,” followed by the message content.
  • In Audiobooks App: It is part of the iBooks app. It lets users listen to their chosen audiobooks in their vehicles.
  • In Music App: It allows customers to access the music that has been downloaded from any streaming service. The Music app’s interface is immediately recognized by the Artists, Songs, and Playlists you want access to listen to. With the help of Siri, it is possible for Apple Music users to play or listen to specific songs or artist’ commands like “Siri, play Saturday Night.”
  • In Podcasts App: In it users can listen to their downloaded podcasts.
  • In Third-party Apps: Third-party apps only enable the CarPlay to display if the app is installed on the iPhone. For example, if a user regularly listens to Spotify on the iPhone and has the Spotify app installed, then Spotify is also available via the CarPlay interface.

 Due to audio restriction, it limits the number of apps that are compatible with CarPlay, but there are many versions of podcasts, maps, and music apps that are compatible with CarPlay.

Interesting Facts:

  • CarPlay was first launched in the 2013 at Worldwide Developers Conference aboard iOS seven as “iOS within the automotive.” At the time, it absolutely was represented as iOS designed into the car’s navigation system, and several other early partners were declared for 2014, as well as Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Ferrari, Chevy, Kia, and Hyundai.
  • CarPlay is compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone 5 on, therefore it works with all trendy iPhones. CarPlay isn’t compatible with the iPad and iPod bit partly as a result of cellular connectivity. whereas some iPad models do support cellular connectivity, Apple has given no indication of any interest in creating its tablets compatible with CarPlay.
  • CarPlay is offered in additional than thirty five countries, as well as Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Asian countries, Spain, Svizzera, UK, and USA. Not all options are on the market altogether.
  • Due to Apple’s commitment to user privacy, CarPlay collects little or no information from users and automotive makers. Consistent with data discharged by Porsche, Apple solely collects data on whether or not an automotive is fast whereas CarPlay is in use.
  • Since iOS nine, Apple has supported wireless CarPlay implementations. Nearly all CarPlay setups need an associated iPhone to be blocked into the in-dash system to attach, however wireless CarPlay alleviates the requirement for a Lightning cable, permitting the associate iPhone to attach to the associate in-car system wirelessly.
  • Apple declared CarPlay with many big-name partners already on board, like BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and more. Several of those makers at first targeted 2014 launch dates for CarPlay-enabled vehicles, however delays pushed launches into 2015 and 2016. For quite a time, Ferrari was the sole manufacturer with a CarPlay vehicle out there, however support became far more widespread beginning within the summer of 2015.


There is no secret that apps are rapidly becoming part of our modern driving experience. Apple CarPlay is a great way to incorporate apps into vehicle systems for our benefit.