A sportsman is a person who not only plays professionally but also plays sports in a way that shows respect and fairness to the other player or team. They participate in sports usually as a professional and always act in a sporty manner. You must have heard lots of motivational speeches in person and on your television set. And, these days, on the internet. The speeches often contain the word ‘sport’ as a metaphor. Being a good sportsman goes in parallel with sports and your real life.

What is Sportsmanship?

When participants at competitive events treat one another with respect and behave appropriately, this is referred to as sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship entails treating others fairly and ethically, including teammates and opponents, and is especially important for young athletes to learn.

Sportsmanship can also be applied to spectators, such as fans in the stands and coaches on the sidelines. Sportsmanship does not imply being gentle with opponents, as violence is often a component of the game. Being a good sport entails being kind and pleasant to others, as well as avoiding disrespecting others during game play.

This involves the various qualities of determination, skill and hard work that contribute to your chance of winning on the playing field or in other aspects of your life. This is interchangeably called as sportsmanship. Hence, we often say that being a good sportsman is what all it takes.

Some Characteristics of a good Sportsmanship: 

  • Fairness
  • Equity
  • Good form
  • The desire to win. 

These four elements are intrinsically tied and cannot be limited to one another.

good sportsman

Traits of a good sportsman

Let’s take a quick look at the various characteristics of a good sportsman.

1. A good sportsman always plays a fair game

A good sportsman is never biased. A person who is a good sport does not win by dishonesty. Thus, in order to be a good sport, you must learn to accept victory and failure.

2. Is a team player

You may be different from others in many aspects, but having a team spirit will help you evolve. Whether you are playing sports or dealing with matters in and outside your home, take honest approaches, but make a conscious effort.

3. Is always optimistic

Looking at the bright side of things is an important trait of a good sportsman or sportsmanship. People who look at the dark side of things are never successful in their lives. So, being optimistic in life is crucial in order to win your game and in life.

4. Is not a taleteller

Sportsmanship does not indulge in gossiping indiscreetly. A good sportsman is not a taleteller. As a good sportsman, you only involve in necessary conversation or discussions when required. It’s simply a waste of one’s time and energy gossiping about irrelevant things or situations.

5. Never underestimates their rivals

In order to be a sportsman, you should kill jealousy, treachery and underestimate your opponents, in the field or in your real life. Sometimes, being over-confident can lead to disruption.

6. Deals with failure gracefully

Only a small percentage of people have the fortitude to face defeat or loss. Learning to accept defeats, whether in a game on the field or in your personal or professional life, offers you a valuable lesson and prepares you to confront any challenge. In life, a good sportsman never gives up. Their goal is to be powerful.

7. Wins with pride

Every game has a winner and a loser. Winning with pride is the zeal of a good sportsman. When you put your effort in your game or in your real life and achieve success, you can feel the happiness and pride.

8. Respects each others’ opinions

A good sportsman is not judgemental. Having respect for each others’ opinions and views is also a fine quality. This requires you to be psychologically prepared and understand what the other person’s views are. It is helpful when you are dealing with individuals with different perspective minds in your everyday life.


Playing and winning isn’t the end of the story. Everything that is related with your life counts, whether it is a game or your home and work. It’s all about how you handle the repercussions, being brave enough to accept setbacks, and then basking in the glory of triumph.