Biking Regularly

Biking Regularly

You may have heard about the health benefits of biking and how it saves time, money and helps in reducing carbon footprints. But you may not have heard about the surprising and unknown benefits of it. Did you know that regular cycling can boost your brainpower, happiness and relationships? Well surprisingly it is true and there are lots of such unbelievable benefits.  Categorizing the benefits in three major groups namely health, relationships and happiness the different benefits are as follows:

    • You will get to your destination faster even if you commute through the busiest city streets. Surprisingly, you will take half the time that you will take if you travel the same distance in your car. Research shows that through the busiest of streets you can maintain an average speed of 12 to 15 miles per hour in rush hours. But in your car, you will travel at an average speed as low as 7 miles per hour.
    • You will have a good night’s sleep. This is due to the exercise that you will get through your early morning ride in the short term. Medical researchers have found that sedentary insomnia patients can fall asleep in half the time. When they cycle for 20 to 30 minutes every alternate day as compared to those who do not. Their sleep time is also augmented by almost an hour.
    • Biking means exercising outside and thereby exposing you to daylight. This will help you to get the circadian rhythm back in its track. It will also help you to get rid of cortisol from your body which is a stress hormone that affects and prevents deep and regenerative sleep.
  • You will look younger as scientists point out that Unlimited Biking will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun. This radiation promotes aging and even causes skin cancer. Biking exercise will increase circulation and therefore will deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the skin cells more effectively. It will help in flushing out the harmful toxins out and optimize collagen production. All these will help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expedite the healing process.
  • Regular biking can also boost your bowels according to experts. When you exercise this way it will promote digestion reducing the time taken by the food to move through the colon or large intestine. This will in turn limit the amount of water absorbed back into your body. This will leave behind softer stools which you will find easy to pass. The aerobic exercise will accelerate the breathing process. The heart rate that will stimulate the contraction of the muscles in the intestines. All this will prevent bloating and colon cancer.
  • Biking increases your brain power due to the cardio-respiratory fitness that you get from cycling. The scientists have proved that regular cycling will help in building new brain cells in the hippocampus. This is the region responsible for memory. The functionality of this part of your brain starts to reduce when you reach 30 years of age. Blood flow and oxygen supply to brain will be boosted by Unlimited Biking. That will regenerate and fire up the receptors.
  • Beat illness with regular biking instead of eating apples. Moderate biking will promote the functionality of your immune cells and system and keep it more active to fight off any infection and illness. Dieticians say through research that people cycling for 30 minutes for just five days in a week will have their sick days reduced by half as compared to the couch potatoes.
  • You will live longer if you cycle regularly. As less as three 45-minute bike rides in a week will make your nine years younger biologically in spite of other negative influences. Such as smoking and high Body Mass Index. You will be free from the risks of cardiovascular disease. All types of cancer, type II diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure as your body will be much more able to defend it and regenerate new cells.
  • Cycling will also improve your sex life as you will be more physically active. You will have better vascular health that will eventually boost your sex drive according to several health experts. It is found through studies that sportsmen have similar. If not more sexual prowess as compared with those who are two to five years younger to them. As for physically fit females, biking will help in delaying menopause. Moreover, men aged 50 years and above have a lower risk of impotence if they cycle for at least three hours a week.
  • Biking also helps in good breeding as researching Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that the would-be mums who exercise on a regular basis during pregnancy will have easier delivery. Less complicated labor and a faster recovery. During the pregnancy period, they will be in a better overall mood. In addition to that the child will have the chance of being obese reduced by half and at the same time will have a better in-utero neurodevelopment.
  • Your boss will love you not only for your fitness but for your increased productivity for the company. Studies reveal that fit employees improve their workload and time management with boosted motivation and higher ability to cope up with stress. Your interpersonal skills and performance will be and you will need fewer breaks. That means you will finish the work easily on time. You are sure to get a promotion that can be rightfully said to be the indirect ling with your biking habits.

Few Other Surprises For You

You will be able to enjoy healthy family time as all family members can cycle together. Your exercise choices will surely have a positive effect on your child’s mind. Putting it in a simple way, your child will think cycling is normal daily activity. If you ride with them daily and take on to it following your example.

Being physically fit you will be good at any sports, make creative breakthroughs. Help others through fundraising efforts and most importantly burn fat without trying too hard.