Is guest blogging really dead? Do you have the question lime thousand others who came across the Googler Matt Cutt’s declaration that the guest blogs are dead? In fact, it is not. Actually, people misunderstood Matt Cutt’s statement. All he wanted to say that the guest blogging has been used by black-hat marketers to get links and it is being overdone.

If you have been looking for guest posting services India, then you are floating in the right direction because guest blogging is far from being dead. Here are a few key advantages of the guest blogging if you doubt its efficacy.


Besides the links, you can use guest blogging as a tool to get more exposure in different industries or sectors where it is nearly impossible otherwise. It is a great way of showcasing your knowledge of certain subjects. Once people become aware of your expertise, they will find their way to your site or contact you. In fact, the guest blogging can increase your web and social media traffic.


The content is still the king, but then, you cannot create overly stuffed keywords and make an impression. You have to find guest posting services India to create high-quality content that is relevant to the reader or viewer. Get rid of the notion that you can outsmart Google and other search engines by creating contents that only aims to propagate keywords.

The content creator should create contents that educate the reader. It demands talented writers and creators who are trained. While writing for the sites as a guest blogger, you also need to understand the importance of word-count because all the sites allow contents of specific lengths. In addition, you must create content that is engaging.

Most importantly, you have to find the publishing websites to post your content. Ask your friends or colleagues to give reference to the editor of the sites. In case, you fail to get the references, make sure that you send the emails that are mentioned on the site for the pitch or if you are a company looking for guest bloogers, then search for affordable guest blogging services in India. A lot of marketing companies are doing guest posting now a days to boost their ranking in search results as content based link is always beneficial for the website.

Great graphics:

The visuals are a great way of attracting the viewers. When you create content, make sure that you find stock photos to complement your ideas. If you want to create a lasting impression, then you can also buy images from the sites like Getty Images. So, look at your content, your style of writing, and then add graphics that depicts the brand message jarringly.

Fortunately, the guest blogging still remains as one of the effective SEO strategies to attract more viewers and links, but then you have to find affordable guest blogging services in India that can offer you comprehensive service. So, do your homework and find the right service provider.