Loving home

Loving home

Also referred to as homesickness, it is a distress which people suffer from when they are away from their loving home, especially for a lengthy period of time. However, sometimes, it may also appear that certain people fall victim to homesickness when they are away from their home even if it has just been a short while. Not only children but adults too suffer from this nostalgia.

Homesickness is common with humans specifically. This is because we have emotions and feelings within us which makes us switch between our emotions and express them immediately. It’s true that if you love your home, you’re definitely going to miss being there.

In general, people who are not used to living alone and are distant from their homes, tend to become homesick soon. It could be due to the reasons mentioned below:

a) staying in a boarding school

b) staying in a college hostel

c) living in employee or staff quarters

d) living as a migrant in another city or state

e) living as an immigrant in another country

f) when you leave your home for good and then miss it later


How to deal with homesickness?

If you are among those people who are homesick and want to manage to stay away from home, fortunately, we have a few tips for you.


1. Avoid anxiety and depression

You may not know, but anxiety and depression can cause nostalgia, making you feel uncomfortable when you’re miles away from home. Avoiding anxiety and depression will help you manage yourself and put yourself together.

2. Keep yourself in regular communication

This is important. If you are in regular touch with your loved ones back at your home, then you will have fewer chances of missing your home. People who are not in regular communication with their loved ones often find themselves homesick.

3. Travel more often

Travel more or as often as you can. Visiting your home, say, once in every year, helps you balance your livelihood.

4. Go on an adventure

Going on an adventure or a journey will keep your mind fresh and positive. It is a good practice for loners to take on an adventure from time to time. This will help you from getting homesick.

5. Indulge yourself in positive thoughts

Think positively so that you don’t end up doing mischievous activities that may put you in trouble. For instance, running away is a common thing among people. This creates a negative impact on you, leading you to depression. Take up activities that are good for your mind and brings positive energy into you.


Do not worry if you are homesick. With the helpful tips mentioned above, you will be able to manage yourself positively and happily. Accept this as a truth that someday, we have to leave our home, either for some time or forever. We miss our home because we get deeply and emotionally attached to it. But, we must also learn to balance ourselves in such a way that things do not complicate our lives whatsoever.