Many plumbing fixtures can leave you stranded in a flooded house! But the first thing which you should do in this case is to act smart and act quickly! Do not just stand there, looking at the mess and stressing yourself to death. It is just a flooded house, not the end of life!

The common causes are leaking dishwashers, cracked toilers, burst pipes, water left open, loose washing machine hose, etc.

Here is a guide that will enlighten you about this.

1. Shut off the Water:

Your goal is to stop the flooding, as much as you can. The first thing which you should do is trying to shut it off. If it is a tap, close it. If it is something else, turning the valve off. Do not know where the valve is? Give your plumber a ring or simply browse the internet. If you do not understand, then shut the main water valve off. Generally, the main valves are located in the basement, garage, near the water heater or at the crawlspace.

2. Call the Plumber:

The next thing which you should do is calling the Plumber Toronto right away! You shouldn’t try your hands at it alone because trust me, this is not a cakewalk. It needs the help of an expert. But make sure that the plumber is associated with some reputed company that excels at all these tasks. He should be insured and licensed as well.

3. Furniture and Belongings:

The following step would be to move the furniture and other expensive belongings. Move them to a dry area. If you cannot move a particular piece because of its weight, then keep a few layers of aluminum foil under its legs. Then, pin it up the skirts. This will refrain from color staining.

4. Oh yes, the Electricity:

And you shouldn’t forget about the electricity. Water and electricity are enemies. Switch the power off from the main breaker panel. If you see that the floor is completely wet, then stand on a dry wood plank before you touch it.

5. Start the Cleanup!:

By this time, if you have called a reliable plumber who understands the need for emergency, then he would have already arrived. He will come and start the process of flooded house cleanup. This might take hours and what you can do is assist him through the process.

He would inspect the actual source of flooding. A restoration team will also come with him who will perform in-depth cleaning services so that your belongings are not damaged and it will prevent mold growth as well. Ask them to start the drying process as quickly as possible.

They will remove the excess water and then continue to mop the tiles and hardwood. They would use towels and wet-dry shop vacuum cleaner for the process. Your regular ones wouldn’t serve the purpose. This is why I always suggest hiring the best company in town as not all companies out there are well-equipped. If it is cool and dry outside, consider opening the windows. Else, you can turn your air conditioner on.

Turn on all the exhaust fans in your house and also the ceiling fans. This would speed up the drying process. While you are running here and there and panicking a little, do not forget to do the most important task that is, documenting all the damage that has been caused.

Why? Because you will receive compensation from your insurance company that way. Make a list of the damaged belongings with its details along with its price. Also, take pictures of them which will serve as a proof.

Hope that this blog was helpful for you all. To know more about Plumber Toronto, read my blogs.