eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website

There are many firms who are selling to consumers and businesses to get incrementation in sales and shares. Companies, who make products or trade in large-scale quantities may take lead in economies of scale and make enormous margins trading directly to the consumer instead of to businesses at a  big discount.

The manufacturer is one of the most prominent ways of selling to business and consumers. They generally can not sell much enough products to the consumer to cover all sales and, trust in B2B sales.

Though, the advantage from the profit margin of removing mediator with direct to consumer sales is far so high to ignore. Traditionally, many firms split their websites for B2B and B2C channels to simplify the operation. Because both the markets were very different.

Amazon also did it with a different wholesale url. Eventually, they stopped this website and recently mixed the B2B flagship So that you can now buy as a business and consumer only.

Why did they switch? If the biggest e-commerce company in the world decided this. Then there should be some big advantage.

BENEFIT 1: Combined Catalog Management

A site allows you to manage all your products in an integrated database. You want to turn on and off some products for some users or B2B vs. B2C customers. But instead of managing many catalogs it is still easy to do.

BENEFIT 2: Less Technical Overhead

You have only one theme and code base for management. Managing one website from two is very easy. There may be few extra personalizations to do this. But there is less work than maintaining and replacing two sites overall.

BENEFIT 3: A website And A Brand To Promote

You have only one site for customers, one brand to promote, and no doubt where to go. It is very easy for marketing and promotion.

BENEFIT 4: Potentially Simple Operation

Sometimes, there is technical work a lot to build a website work for both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer. Though, it’s normally easier once it works. All this is because of one website, you have only one place to unite into systems like ERP, CRM, other systems.

Therefore, instead of running many integrated websites. Your integration and system can be integrated, which all may require separate integration.

BENEFIT 5: B2B Buyers Want To Buy As Consumers

In business, we are required to buy swiftly, systematically, and at the best price. No company wants to waste time on buying a product. As the time is the most vital advantage of an employee.

Noone wants to waste time on traveling to the stores or have a conversation over phone calls if it can be stopped oneself from doing without any impairment. Therefore, having such an experience allows us to search, know about the product, and buy it quickly, like a consumer, is usually desired.

Having a site for both B2B and B2C, it becomes easy to provide the experience like a consumer. Because the consumer experience is already wrapped. You may only have to take a few extra B2B personalizations such as better pricing, payment through invoices and other B2B options.

Move Forward Faster

Something like this should be said when some of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world have recognized the benefits and are moving forward with a site. I do not think companies can ignore such an important operating idea for their company. It can simplify your business and e-commerce can help you move faster in the world.