Best Inventory Management Plugins For Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a free wordpress plugin that adds an e-commerce option to your WordPress so you can have an online store in just a few clicks and your WordPress turns into a fully functional e-commerce website.

Handling the woocommerce store is not a piece of cake, it requires dedication and hard work to make an online store a success, and in order to do that i recommend Woocommerce inventory management software that makes things simpler for your store management.

WooCommerce Inventory management plugins helps you to manage your inventory and save your time so you can focus on other important things such as improving your revenue and sales.

However confusion arises as which software you should go for ? The software should be simple, accurate, efficient, organised and cost friendly right ? To help you with this decision making process I’m going to present you with the best inventory management software that fulfills all the requirements so you can make the informed decision.

Here are the list of best and popular Woocommerce Inventory management plugins

Smart Manager for WooCommerce

It is a very popular Woocommerce inventory management wordpress software that gives you the power to efficiently  manage your products, orders and customers.

Top Features

  • Bulk Edit – you can update thousands of products and their variations, orders and subscriptions etc.
  • Inline Edit – you can update and delete multiple products, variations and orders directly with ease
  • Advanced Search – Get your desired item quicklyin a flash amongst thousands of products.
  • Add Or Delete – You can add new products and delete any duplicate products

WooCommerce Stock Manager

It is a free and most popular Inventory management software. It provides you a single screen to manage all of your products.

Top Features – 

  • Stock Management – You can view your entire products catalog at one go and also you can set up their price according to their variations.
  • Product Filter – You can apply filters on products according to their type and their category.


Tradegecko is also known as Quickbook commerce is a multi functional Woocommerce Inventory Software. It is aligned towards physical products.

Top Features – 

  • Inventory control – You can view your entire product list and organise it by using filters. 
  • Inventory optimization: You can manage your inventory by what stock you should have at that time.
  • Accounting integration: You can create invoices from orders, and buy and sell products in multiple currencies, etc.


Orderhive is an inventory management software for multi-channel online sellers. In which you can manage multiple warehouses.

Top Features – 

  • Simple Product Management – You can manage multiple stores at a single dashboard.
  • Product Catalog – You can create product catalog for different products and also generate barcodes
  • Stock Track – You can easily track your stock in real time and can manage incoming and outgoing stock to avoid the risk of overselling


Zoho is a cloud based Inventory Management software and it is partnered with the best shipping carriers around the world.

Top Features – 

  • Barcode Management – You can manage your products with the help of barcode and create invoice for every sale and purchase
  • Tracking – You can easily track your products movements with the help of code imprinted on it.


With the help of Veeqo you can manage your orders and cann view detailed reports and take warehouse controls all from a single dashboard.

Top Features – 

  • Warehouse Transfer – You can create warehouse to warehouse transfer with ease and for both locations
  • Inventory Display – You can manage your inventory to display the products for your sales


It is a cloud based Inventory manager software helps you to manage your stocks level and it has automatically update functionality.

Top Features – 

  • Single Screen Management – You can view and manage all stocks of each item and also can manage import and export of all products on a single screen
  • Archive –  you can archive any product information like their prices according to your need and you can also unarchive it when you need it and that too is in bulk.


 WooPOS is also a cloud based Inventory manager software on which you can access your data from anywhere and anytime and also you can easily customise your Woocommerce store from anywhere

Top Features – 

  • Customization – You can edit, import, export and search any product in your database
  • Custom Barcode – You can customize and design your barcode easily 


ATUM gives you full controls on stocks management, you can easily edit your inventory, supplies and prices of your product 

Top Features – 

  • Product Edit – This features gives you the power to edit purchase price and sales prices of your product
  • Advanced Filters – This feature help you to create the list of suppliers by their name


Katana makes manufactures selling easy on Woocommerce it manages your products and ensure on time purchasing of materials and also controls the production

Top Features – 

  • Real Time Inventory Control – It controls and maintain the inventory on real time basis for different warehouses at the same time 
  • Sales Fulfillment – It tracks the availability of required products and delays the risk of delivery.

WP Inventory Manager

  WP Inventory Manager has very good features which you needs to manage your stocks 

Top Features – 

  • Inventory Manage – You can manage the inventory of different warehouses on a single dashboard
  • Bulk Update – You can update various items at once with the help of Bulk Update

Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory automatically syncs and keeps your inventory up to date.

Top Features – 

  • Cloud based – It is a cloud based platform that updates in real time to manage your data 
  • Track inventory –  It helps you to keep track of all your inventory and stock levels.

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit

  As per the name Bulk Edit it helps you to bulk edit your products 

Top Features – 

  • Bulk Edit – You can bulk edit your products, sale price, description, categories, etc
  • Search Filters – it has advanced search filters to reach to your desired product

Stitch Inventory Management

 It helps you to control your inventory through Multi-location Support

Top Features – 

  • Low stock Alerts – It automatically alerts you through the email whenever you stock level is low
  • Track orders – You can easily track your orders and inventory from different locations


It is an app to manage and monitor your store through mobile.

Top Features – 

  • Real Time Alerts – it alerts you with every single details of your store
  • Manage Status – You can easily change and manage the status of your product


So this is the list of Best Inventory Management Softwares of Woocommerce for your online store. These softwares helps you to generate more sales and keeps you updated regarding your inventory

I hope this article helps you with your decision making process to choose best Inventory Management Software