Games For Android

The one major thing that best free android games enthusiasts love about gadgets is playing games on their favorite devices. Whether it is your desktop or laptop, you want to bring more fun and entertainment with apps games free. However, some would prefer playing games just to kill time and boredom.

Video games have taken a step forward from best games for Android and now you can play your favorite games or choose from many of the exciting games which you can play on your Android phones. Not just teenagers, even adults as well can indulge in games on your portable Android smartphones.

These days, smartphones come with high-end hardware support such as, the RAM, processor and increased storage memory that makes your Android smartphones function at faster speeds for download android games free. With these as an advantage, you can easily play quite a lot of games, besides using your Android smartphone for productivity and social uses.

Check out these cool games which you can play on your Android smartphone and kill your bored out time.

5 Free Games For Your Android Smartphones

Understanding the interest of many individuals, we have a list of some of the free and exciting games which you can play on your Android smartphone.

Take a look at the various games that are available for your Android smartphone, and these games are absolutely free of cost.

  • American Luxury Cars

If you are a big fan of motorsports, you will want to try this racing game on your Android smartphone. You can choose from many American luxury cars that are fast and powerful enough to give you the thrill.

The games come with many features such as, realistic physics and graphics, different tracks which consist of streets with traffic and difficult terrain, a pack of fast and luxurious cars to drive, easy navigation and control. Also, you have various camera modes and the game comes with upgrades as you level up the game for android mobile games free download.

  • Zombie Dead Set

Zombie Dead Set is a first-person shooting fun free games for mobile developed for Android smartphones. It brings horror, excitement, and thrill as you play and advance the game levels one by one. Shoot the zombies and protect yourself from becoming their victim.

The game is packed with action where you are on a mission to save the world from the attacks of the zombies. The game is equipped with loads of automatic and semi-automatic weapons to shoot the zombies as they approach you from everywhere during game-play. This game consists of different levels and many weapons to choose from. Upgrades are also available.

  • Temple Run 2

Temple Run is one of the most popular mobile games and has been downloaded over a billion times. With the increase in the game’s popularity, it has launched a sequel to its previous version, the Temple Run 2. It is a 3D game adventure game, where the player runs endlessly and collects coins of different colors and avoid obstacles coming in your way and falling down. In the game, the coins you collect are used for upgrading power-ups as you advance the levels.

  • Cube Escape

Cube Escape is a puzzle and mystery game. People require finding clues in order to solve the puzzle. If you love playing detective games, you can play this free game on your Android smartphone. The game is also informative as it will enhance your thoughts and tests your mental strategy. The game has decent graphics and different stages where you put things together to solve the puzzle and unlock the mystery.

  • Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an epic battle game. This game is sure to keep you engaged as you go about battling with your opponents in wars. Building your own village and bringing up your clans to defend your kingdom from enemy attacks. The game features online game-play with exciting wars using all sorts of weapons. The game also features friendly wars. So, Special events and training your troops with multiple levels of upgrades.