While they are not as successful as gaming notebooks, they are plenty fast for basic tasks such as checking email or surfing the web. If you are not wed to macOS or even Windows 10, these web-based laptops are equally dependable and affordable. Plus, a number of them appear more expensive than they really are. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget or trying to find some mild work done then Chromebooks might be a great alternative for you over mac.

  • They could take a few hits

For the most part, Chromebooks are all created for classroom surroundings, so nearly all of them possess spill-resistant keyboards and additional tight hinges (for if children ultimately pick them up from the display ). Although we do not advise chucking one from a pond, they could endure minor drops and other unplanned disasters. My 14-inch HP Chromebook, I use in the home and swear up and down, has dropped off my coffee table times than I care to count and, hey, it works.

  • They will not burn a hole in your pocket

If you are not able to shell out $1,399 to get a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro, Chromebooks, that cost approximately $200-$500, are a budget-friendly alternative. By way of instance, the 11.6-inch Dell Chromebook, equipped with 4GB of RAM plus a Celeron N3060 chip, is $200 for its base setup. For $150 more, you can update to a touchscreen and 32GB of storage. When it’s only a bare-bones Chromebook you are after, however, you can not get much better than the entry-level edition.

  • They look more expensive than they really are

Many Chromebooks are extremely bland-looking, supposed to be practical than amazing, while others are absolutely gorgeous. The Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA, with its own silver casing and lean body, would be the latter. Between the killer appears, the 1080p screen, along with the convertible layout, this Chromebook has a great deal to offer. This $469 system is pricier than your average Chromebook, but it’s worth the additional cash.

While the twist is magnificent, the Acer Chromebook 11 (CB331), with its electric blue exterior, actually stands out of the remainder. It can even be among the very attractive Chromebooks I have ever noticed. Not only is the color really distinctive and eye-catching, but there is a grid-like pattern around the lid too. In addition to this superior layout, it’s a few hundred bucks less than the Flip, costing at $249.

If it comes to Chromebooks, you can anticipate receiving half an hour or more on a single fee, since they use less electricity than Windows notebooks. If you would like to find another few hours from it, we would recommend dimming the display and disabling Bluetooth. The Acer Chromebook R11 not just runs Android programs, it appears to get great battery life also. Although we have not gotten around to testing this one nonetheless, it’s fairly well-reviewed on Amazon.

  • They are largely virus-free systems

The neat thing about Chromebooks is you don’t need to download third-party virus software. That is because they operate ChromeOS, which automatically downloads new security patches every six months. This usually means you’re fairly safe from new-found threats. Since they have built-in virus protection. With that said, I would not say Chromebooks are immune from malware attacks. Oh, and because they are webpage-based, they encourage something called sandboxing, which isolates risks to certain browser tabs.