Linksys range extender is not working in the manner it should be? If yes, then it is time to reset Linksys range extender. Resetting the extender will fix all types of minor or major issues. The process removes all personalized settings and restores the default factory settings. Fixing a weak connection, resetting your device will enable you to test the manufacturer’s recommended settings to check whether the network’s speed increases or not.

Range extendered is very important due to uses of IOT Applications and product uses.

There is no doubt that you get high-speed internet connection after linksys extender setup-xxx but users start facing issues with it. To troubleshoot all such issues, reset the extender to its factory settings and then reconfigure it. Let’s get to know how to do so.

process to increase speed

process to increase speed

Prior to starting with the process, you should know that resetting will help you in the following scenarios:

  • You are manually installing a range extender after a failed attempt of using the setup software.
  • You are facing intermittent wireless connection issues.
  • The power light on extender is not solid or blinking after a power cycle.
  • You are not able to access the default setup page.

If you experience one of the above-given issues, reset the extender right away.

Important Note: Before resetting the WiFi booster, it’s recommended to create a backup of configuration settings and restore them without reconfiguring the extender. You can do so via the default web-based setup page of extender. For any type of help, contact our skilled technicians. They will guide you thoroughly.

Without further discussion, let’s tell you how to reset Linksys range extender. Scroll down to read more

Reconfigure the Range Extender

wifi speed

wifi speed

There are two ways to reset the extender: soft reset and hard reset. Both are briefly discussed below:

  1. Soft Reset

Follow the instructions below to get the job done:

  • First of all, turn on your computer or laptop.
  • Load up a web browser and navigate to the default web page of extender.
  • Connect the extender. If you cannot connect to Linksys extender, check the wired or wireless connections once and try again.
  • Use the default IP address of your networking device.
  • Enter the login credentials which include username and password.
  • Select the administration section.
  • Finally, click on factory default reset button to complete the process.

That’s how Linksys extender can be reconfigured using soft reset.

Hard Reset

Here are the steps to perform the hard reset process on your networking gadget.

  • Power off your computer or laptop.
  • Remove all the connections from the range extender.
  • Make a wired connection with the extender and let it boot up properly.
  • Once done, press the reset button at the back or bottom side of your device.

Wait for some time as extender will restart after a successful reset. Now, you can configure the device as per your needs. If possible, you can also note down the customized settings before resetting and then use them in the reconfiguration process.

Reset the IP and change the password

In case the problems with extender don’t resolve after reconfiguration, opt for resetting the IP and changing the password. This method allows you to reset the extender Linksys without actually trying to reset the rest of changes related to other settings. Turn on your computer or laptop. Launch an internet browser and access the web-based setup page. To do so, connect the router to PC using a cable and open the default IP address. Simply reset the IP and change the password to something else. But make sure that the password is strong and contains a mixture of random numbers and alphabets.