Eyebrows Tattoos

Eyebrows Tattoos

Before you step out, eyebrow tattooing has always been visually appealing in comparison to permanent makeup. In fact, the beauty treatment is consider as feather touch tattooing which has been gaining popularity since many years.

As far as the entire process is concern. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup which is also called as microblading. Once the artist tattoos the eyebrows, the art doesn’t last for a long time. Since the makeup is semi-permanent, the effect lasts around a year or so. The lady has to visit the salon once again for a touch-up to enhance the beauty of the eyebrows.

So, if you would like to know more, then here are certain things you need to go through.

Unlike traditional tattooed-on brows, eyebrow embroidery is done for making the eyebrows look natural and stunning. While conventional techniques make the eyebrows dark and thin, microblading actually reflects the beauty of real brow hairs. Soon after the pigments have settled in, the woman would no longer have to think about using accessories just for enhancing the visual appeal.

There’s a huge difference between microbladed brows and face tattoos. So, once the lady has made up her mind to proceed with the technique, she should carefully go through portfolios and reviews. As she gets an idea about the skill, she can then decide if the artist is an expert. A professional should also speak with the individual and discuss regarding the shape and color.

A lengthy conversation would certainly help to know what the professional needs to follow for the tattooing process. But, whatever might be the objective, the person has to be proactive with her research and try to source the most popular artist. She may connect with her best friend through a social networking site.

Professional brow artists usually go through training sessions before they start offering their services. Since every detail has to taken care of, the expert carries every step meticulously. So, if the woman wants something unique. Then she should know that eyebrow embroidery is quite expensive. She has to be ready for making an investment when the cost is anything between 350 and 800 dollars. Most of the time, the package includes color enhancement and touch-ups after four to six weeks.

In order to achieve the look of real eyebrow hair, the artist always uses small blades to make incisions. Later, she uses her skillful hands to fill the cut with ink or pigments. Once she has finished doing everything, she would advise the lady to take care of the skin.

As compared to the regular methods, the process pertaining to microblading is actually painless unless you are prone to skin allergy. The artist always uses a numbing cream or anesthesia to make the nerves less sensitive for a short period of time.

According to experienced artists, the eyebrows look very dark soon after the first session. But, as time passes by, the effect starts fading away and the brows tend to look more natural. There’s nothing to worry about the gradual fading because microblade eyebrows to be semi-permanent in nature.

As mentioned earlier, brow artists may request the clients to approach for touch-ups. The lady may have to visit the salon four to six weeks after the first session. However, attending the next session is totally up to the individual’s preferences and whether she wants her brows to look quite perfect. Depending on her requirements, she can always opt for the best package available at the studio.

Since incisions are made around the eyebrows. It’s essential to take care of the skin after microblading. The expert would insist on buying an after-care kit so that the lady can use a balm to prevent the infection from spreading. She would also advise not to go for a swim or step out on a sunny afternoon. If she enjoys having a shower frequently. Then she should keep the face dry and avoid getting the area wet for at least 10 days. Moreover, the expert wouldn’t recommend dabbing the face with makeup till the pigments have settled into the shallow cuts.

Microblading should avoid if the lady is pregnant, has undergone an organ transplant or has keloids. The person should also think twice if she is young or is suffering from AIDS or a condition like hepatitis. The beauty treatment should never consider if the person has rashes, shingles or eczema around the eyebrows. In case the lady is taking medicines for acne, then she should never think about microblading. Microblading should be done a few days prior just in case the person is planning to go for a chemotherapy.

Once the lady is prepare for microblading, she should ensure that the tool is clean and never use at a later instance. If she doesn’t observe the technician using a new tool. Then she can consider someone else and step out of the salon right away.

Finally, microblading is always a great way to beautify the eyebrows. While the treatment can go on for hours, the woman would delight in exuding a unique style. She is sure to look different when the effect is bind to last for a long time span. The beauty routine becomes simpler if the girl doesn’t want to spend time in taking care of her eyebrows every day. On the other hand, if the lady likes changing her brow shape time and again, she shouldn’t expect results from semi-permanent eyebrows.