selling car

selling car

Selling a car successfully takes planning, organization, and some elbow grease. You’ll need to clean up the vehicle, gather its service records and other paperwork, and come up with a flattering but honest way to present it in an attention-grabbing ad. This sounds like a lot of work, but selling a car the right way is not as complicated as you think. So what are the things you should keep in mind before you sell off that car-


Avoid last-minute anxiety by collecting the documents you’ll need to sell the car, including the title, bill of sale and maintenance records. If the car is still under warranty, have the papers ready. If not, include an “as is” document that makes clear the new owner will be responsible for all repairs and other expenses once the car is sold.

Get your vehicle prepared

This is your chance to present the hardware. When potential buyers arrive to check out the car, it needs to look good. This indicates that you took good care of it and increases the chance of getting the price you want. Find out what’s wrong with your car with a professional inspection. You will know you’re not selling anything dangerous, and you can fix any small problem with your car. If you try and sell your car with lots of small faults, the buyer has more
negotiating power over you. And as a seller, you don’t want that do you?

Clean it like it’s never been cleaned before

A clean car will sell faster and for more money. Clean out the inside to remove all your old wrappers and gum and look for any incriminating evidence of your own life. Hit these target areas for the interior: Seats, Ashtrays, Carpets, all the glass in the car, the dash For the exterior: clay the paint, wash the car, and then wax the car.

Photograph your car

Nothing turns off online car shoppers like a for-sale ad without pictures of the merchandise. Including just one photo is almost as bad, so make a point of taking many pictures from several angles. They help answer buyers’ questions before they show up at your house. Be sure to photograph the front, rear and both sides of the car.

Be completely honest

Do not try and hide any problems with your car. If you pretend it’s a 100-point show queen, any buyer will immediately lose trust in you when they spot all the rusts, the scrapes, the weak A/C, and every other little weakness. So honesty is the best way to trade my car in Auckland.

Screen potential buyers

After posting the ad you’ll have to answer shoppers’ questions online or by phone and arrange test drives for those who seem serious about buying. Be sure to get the person’s full name and be clear about which forms of payment you will accept. For many people, cash is still king in this market and not your car.

Make a good negotiation

After you’ve shown the vehicle and given a test drive, let the buyer know if the asking price is firm or open to negotiation. It is best to have a starting price that is higher than the amount you are willing to ultimately accept. Keep an amount in mind that is the lowest you are willing to accept. Stick to it. Don’t be afraid to walk away.

Seal the deal

Once you and the buyer agree on a price, you’ll need to collect the payment, sign over the title, complete the bill of sale, fill out the release of liability and submit it and wave farewell as the buyer drives away.

These tips would surely fetch the maximum out of your old vehicle.