Essential Tips For Moving Your Car Interstate

Whether relocating your car or gifting it to someone out of state, it is crucial to do your homework to ensure your car shipping process goes smoothly, quickly, and affordably. You might come across plenty of interstate car shipping companies, but there can be a whole lot of difference in the quality services each delivers. When shipping your car, you don’t want to encounter any frustrating surprises, so consider some essential tips.

Choose The Right Car Moving Company

The first step to shipping your car successfully interstate is choosing the right car shipping company. But how do you know if a vehicle moving company is reliable? For one, checking reviews might be an excellent place to start. Online reviews feature experiences of clients who have worked with the company before and can help you determine if you can trust the company. It also allows you to narrow down your search to only a few reputable car shipping companies.

Check The Registration 

Companies that move vehicles interstate must be registered with the Department of Infrastructure and Transportation. Never ship your car with a company not licensed by a government authority to facilitate the transportations. Again, do not rely on verbal agreements. Everything should be in writing for proof and to give you peace of mind. You can also enquire for previous clients to be sure.

Calculate Your Car Moving Costs

If you want to move your car interstate, you need to calculate the costs beforehand to avoid any surprises. Car moving rates may vary from one company to another, and the charges also depend on the type of services you want. When vetting a car shipping company, find out about the costs and what exactly the price includes. You don’t want to get surprises of hidden fees you didn’t account for initially. 

Most car moving companies provide you with a quote, making it easier for you to compare different companies. If you have a friend who shipped their car interstate, you can consider asking them how much costs they incurred or the car shipping company they used. They are likely to share their experience about the entire process. But keep in mind that cheaper may not be the best.

Identify The Type Of Car Transportation You Want

When you decide to move vehicles interstate, you will most likely choose between two options: open-air vs. closed transportation. Enclosed car shipping protects your vehicle with four walls and a roof while open-air transport moves the car without these protections. You can choose either depending on the make of your vehicle and your needs.

Prepare Your Documents

A car shipping company will require you to present crucial documents of your vehicle before moving it. It may include your certificate of registration and insurance. That is to assure them that you own the car and have the right to move it. Note that an inspection of the vehicle is necessary before shipping and after. Ensure you are satisfied with the inspection record of the car before moving it so that you can have the grounds to claim in case of any damage during transportation.

The Last Tip

Ensure the car moving company has sufficient insurance coverage before moving your vehicle.