6 Signs To Know That Your Car Needs Prompt Servicing by Experts

Car Service

Your car is your prized possession similar to most people around the world. It is also a very important element that can make your living much easier and be commuting much more convenient. However, in order to ensure that you do get continued and hassle-free service from your car, it is highly crucial that you check and service your car from time to time.

Due to the busy work schedule, most of us often miss the different signs that indicate that it is probably time that our cars made their trips to the garage for services. This can lead to bigger damages that may cost you much more. All of you driving cars must look out for the signs that will help determine the correct time for car service. It is best for you to keep your eyes and ears open so that you don’t miss these signs and sounds that can help you be proactive in maintaining your car.

1. Inbuilt Signs

Most of the cars these days are engineered in a way that they themselves give off signs that indicate a requirement of car service. While driving your car you can see a sign of check engine flashing on your dashboard. This sign is in the shape of spanner and is yellow in color.

2. Service Indication

This is a light that could mean that your schedule of car service is due for some time. This could also be an indication of other types of problems that might have occurred in the engine. It is important that you do not ignore this sign for long and make your car take its regular trip to the garage.

3. Noises

Strange noises coming out of cars can be very disturbing. However, they are indications of minor problems which must be fixed through car service without much delay. This prevents any severe danger to the car. Noises could be of various types such as whining from below the bonnet that can happen due to overheating of the battery.

4. Exhaust Noise

Loud exhaust noises could mean a crack in the exhaust pipe. Undue noise from the engine could indicate at spark plug problems but this could also be an indication of bigger problems. If the sound is like a metal screeching due to friction with another metal surface, it could mean that some part of your car is broken that is getting rubbed by the next part of the car.

6 Signs To Know That Your Car Needs Prompt Servicing by Experts

Car Service

This means damage to the car. If there are squealing noises when you step on your brakes it means that your brake pads have been worn out. The same goes for the crunching gear sounds, the gearbox can do with an immediate change.

5. Smoke from The Bonnet

There is nothing to get worried if you see white steam coming from your bonnet. This can happen if the engine has got overheated. Generally, you should wait for the engine to cool down and then you can start off again. However, if the steam is blue in color then it will mean that there is a leakage in oil. In that case, you should immediately take your car (best hauled). Otherwise, it could lead to expensive damages.

6. Pull or Vibration Under Brakes

You just need a quality backyard mechanic to get your car service done if there is a vibration and pulling under your brakes. This could indicate at worn out brake discs. Driving the car in such a situation could be a dangerous and a highly risky proposition. It could also lead to serious accidents.

Finally, a reduced comfort in riding your car is an ample indication that your car service schedule is due. This is when you must not delay and take your car to a garage for a quick review and effective repairs.