Moving the Car Pick the Right Shipping Company for the Job

Moving the Car Pick the Right Shipping Company for the Job

We face one of the biggest challenges in life when we move to another town in the course of our career. This may change everything we say and do but more important is the getting there. We need to get to the new place, move our things with us, and settle down in the new house. And, there is the car that we cannot leave behind, can we?

Use the services of the shipping company

Driving the car over a few thousand miles is not going to bring a smile to our face. Anyway, we need our vehicle and so we opt for the moving services. These service providers are shipping agents with a nationwide network. They help us by moving our vehicles, household items, furniture, and anything else we need to our new house. Many of them provide a door to door service so you hand over the house items and vehicle to them at the old house and receive it all at the new house.

If you are planning to move to Arkansas, check the car shipping company Arkansas has. You will come across a list of truckers from many websites. You have to choose the one that suits you. This is easy if you know how to read the load board. The load board is the list of trucking agents and transportation companies that each shipping company has on its website. You go through this list – semi-trucks, trailers, trucks, fifth wheel, and more – and check the rates.

Use the load board on the transportation website

That is the first thing. You can get the rate by searching on the website for your load. If you are moving RVs, then type in RV in the search box. If you want to move your car, then type car. This will bring you to the list of truckers waiting for the carload. They give their rate for moving the car. They mention the route they take and if the route matches your loading point and destination, then you have your trucker.

Find out the time when he is planning to make the move. There will be two or three truckers so you have a choice. Find the one that gives the best shipping rates and pay the deposit for the truck to move your car. You can see how simple car moving in Arkansas is. You can search for your truck on many websites. And get the quotes from all. This will help you to narrow down your best shipping agent.

Choose the right carrier

You may have a choice of the carrier also. This means you may have one trucker with an open structure while there is another with an enclosed structure. The enclosed carrier will cost more but your car will arrive in a pristine condition. If you send your car in an open carrier, it will suffer a lot of knocks and plenty of dust will settle on it. But, if these open carriers move fast because they fill up faster.

So, if money is a concern or if you want to move your car fast, then choose an open carrier. The other thing to look for is whether the trucking company will offer insurance. If your car suffers any damage during transit, the trucking company will reimburse the damages.