6 Best Types of Car Service Packages You Can Choose From

6 Best Types of Car Service Packages You Can Choose From

A car owner knows the importance of car servicing. Car servicing is one of the best things you can do for maintaining your car’s health.It helps to maintain your car in good condition. Car service also helps to extend the life span of your car.

The service itself includes replacing of aging parts and fluids as well as visual inspection to check key components are still working properly.

Essentially, there are three different types of car service: interim, full and major. When you visit different garages and dealerships everyone has their own package to show that they have something different from others. Don’t be confused by this there are always three steps in pricing structure. The type of service depends upon how many miles you completed in a year and the level of your previous service.

Few Types of Car Service Packages That You Can Choose For Your Vehicle:

1. Interim Car Servicing

6 Best Types of Car Service Packages You Can Choose From

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Interim car servicing is done every 6000 miles or every 6 months, depending on whichever comes sooner. This type of car servicing is ideal for drivers who drive their cars around regularly and get a lot of mileage. Interim car servicing ensures that your car is working at its optimal level even in between its annual check-ups. During an interim car service, the fluid levels, instruments, engine, brakes, tires and full suspension system is checked to ensure smooth working of the car.

2. Annual Car Servicing

An annual car servicing is performed every 12 months or once your car has run for 12,000 miles, whichever is to come sooner. Annual car servicing is compulsory. As it ensures that your car does not face any breakdowns and also maintains the value of the car.

During an annual car servicing, the entire car is thoroughly checked including the engine, fuel filters, brakes, air filters, suspension, tires, radiator pipes, power steering fluid, auxiliary drive belt, and an extensive check-up of all the other important parts of your car.

3. Safety Service

A safety service is optional yet an important car servicing which every car owner must opt for. This kind of car servicing is quite affordable and is thus a great option for those car owners who wish to get their cars serviced without spending a ton on a full servicing at that moment.

A safety service lasts for 12 months or for 15,000 km. During a safety service, your engine oil is replaced, oil filters are replaced. All the parts under the bonnet of your car are checked thoroughly, the charging system and the cooling systems are checked, and the handbrakes are adjusted. This kind of a safety check is very important for every vehicle. Car owners must take their cars for a safety servicing at least once every year.

4. Major Service

6 Best Types of Car Service Packages You Can Choose From

Major Service

A major service will cost a car owner much more than a safety service. However, it lasts for twice the amount of time, which is for 24 months, or for 30,000 km. A major service covers all of the basic things which a safety service includes. With a few additions such as a check of the engine management system, replacement of your external fuel filters, a fault code analysis, a full diagnostic scan, and much more. A major service is very important. Also, it is a must for every car owner to take their vehicles for a major service once every two years.

5. Premium Service

A premium service lasts for 36 months or 45,000 km. In a premium service, you get all the service inclusions of a major service with 2 additions- the brake fluid is checked, and the coolant of your car is replaced.

6. Ultimate Service

As the name suggests, the ultimate services are done to ensure that your car is in top shape for at least 48 months!

These are the most important types of car service packages that you can opt for your car. By opting for these types of services. You can ensure that the safety and performance of your car are at an optimal level.


From the above article you may come to know about the importance of car servicing and what are all steps we need to follow to keep our car in good condition. You can also know the way to choose the best service packages for a car and what are all the simple modifications you can make to make your car look special one and different from other cars.